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Since hiring Temecula pool service to take care of our backyard swimming pool, it has been as if it has been on autopilot in terms of always being ready to go when we are ready to hop in and play. We worked out a convenient schedule that they adhere to like clockwork, which means that we don't even need to think about what's happening out back when it comes to what's happening with our swimming pool.
Thomas L
Thomas L
The folks at Pool Service Experts Temecula are not only reliable and dependable, but they always arrive at our house with great attitudes and positive outlooks that make working with them a pleasure. Beyond courteous, they are down right friendly, and that's always a plus these days. They always take the time to communicate with us, so we always know exactly how our pool is working.
Amy G
Amy G
Our daughter's hair had turned green, and trying to get the correct balance of chemicals in the pool was like a scientific nightmare experiment gone bad. I don't believe that I would be overstating the case by saying that when the guys from Pool Service Experts Temecula pool service arrived to have a look, it was like they were the pool-whispers when it came to knowing what our pool wanted in terms of the right chemical mix. Imagine, we can enjoy a leisurely swim without worrying about green hair and burning eyeballs!
Erika M
Erika M

Temecula Pool Service

city of TemeculaYour pool is an integral part of your home’s allure and a place of significant social focus when friends and family members arrive for a night of relaxing or a weekend of outdoor merriment. That being the case therefore, you don’t want your pool to fall into such a state of disrepair that your guests would rather jump in a vat of boiling oil than stick a toe inside your backyard Temecula swimming pool. Luckily, they won’t be forced to make that decision because our Temecula pool cleaning service aims at keeping your backyard water wonderland in pristine condition.

Additionally, we are fully versed and capable of handling even the largest of accounts, and commercial pool cleaning services play a large part of our client base. Regardless, of whether we’re servicing local residences or local businesses, we make sure that we offer the best value in town for our customers.

A Temecula pool cleaning service tech checking the chemical levels in a poolAs a family owned and operated company, we know the value of quality time with loved ones, so we are committed to maintaining your Temecula pool equipment in peak operating condition. From the delicate balance of your pool’s water chemistry to the laborious chore of cleaning out environmental debris from your filters, we offer regular maintenance that works for your entire family’s schedule.

We offer the pool service Temecula residents and businesses have been waiting for when it comes to keeping their swimming pools in ideal working condition with regular scheduled maintenance backed by knowledge gained from years of experience working within the Temecula pool service industry.


  • A Reliable and Dependable Team

    A Reliable and Dependable Team

    We believe that the true value of a service is found in the consistency in which those services are offered, and we pride ourselves at Pool Service Experts Temecula with the consistent excellence of our work. We know that your time is valuable, so we strictly adhere to an established schedule that works best for you and the cleaning and treatment of your residential or commercial swimming pool.

  • Friendly and Helpful Staff

    Friendly and Helpful Staff

    Our team is dedicated to guaranteeing a positive experience when it comes to your Temecula pool service needs and concerns. That philosophy becomes readily apparent from the minute you call our office. Whether you are looking for a free, no-obligation quote regarding our prices and services, or you simply have a question about the health of your pool, our friendly and helpful staff are more than happy to help with your inquiry. Indeed, we pride ourselves in the long term relationships that we develop with our customers.

  • Full Range of Services

    Full Range of Services

    Whether you are in need of ongoing Temecula pool cleaning services, or you desperately require emergency pool repair, our team of experts are on hand to make sure you get the information and service you need. No job is too big or too small for our family owned and operated Temecula pool cleaning service. If you have a residential or commercial pool in need of services, you can rely on us knowing how to get the job done right.

  • Comprehensive Pool Maintenance Program

    Comprehensive Pool Maintenance Program

    Getting and keeping your pool in top-notch condition means making sure that all aspects of your pool care regimen from shock treatments to filter cleanings to all conditioner treatment. Regular care and cleaning is part and parcel of the comprehensive pool service Temecula residents have come to expect from out team of talented pool technicians. We adhere to a strict schedule of pool maintenance that means that your pool will always receive the attention it needs, so you will never have to put off jumping in the pool for a quick few laps.

  • Trouble Shooting and Pool Repair

    Trouble Shooting and Pool Repair

    Beyond regular maintenance that guarantees that your pool will always be in top working condition, every now and then something happens that will throw your pool out of whack. We can assess whether or not your pumps are working, and can complete most minor repairs from mechanical issues to aesthetic concerns like all stain and scale removal services.

  • Professional and Safe Services

    Professional and Safe Services

    All of our trained technicians are fully insured, and bonded. This means that you risk nothing by hiring our services because we have you completely covered against accidents, damages, or the risks associated with inviting anyone on to your property. Our professional technicians are dedicated to delivering quality work each time we come out to your property to service your Temecula pool.

Brought An Old Pool Back To Life!

When we moved into our new, for us, Temecula home, the swimming pool had not been a selling feature for the real estate agents because of the years of neglect that obviously occurred. In fact, our counter offer specifically mentioned the condition of the pool as a reason for our lower offer. Once escrow closed and we moved in however, we called on the services of Pool Service Experts Temecula to get that ratty old pool back up to working condition. They were amazing. They came by and gave an honest quote that was completely reasonable considering the condition it was when we bought the property. Within a week of their starting work, the pool not only looked great but we were able to throw our first of many pool parties since moving into the house.
Tyree Larson

Chemical Only


Once a week balancing of the chemicals in your pool.

Brush Skim


Balancing the chemicals, brushing, and skimming. This package is popular for customers who have an automatic vacuum.

Brush Skim & Vacuum


Balancing the chemicals, brushing, skimming, and manually vacuuming.


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