In pool services much like in any other services, there are several questions that get regularly asked by the customers. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions in pool services.

How much do you charge for X?

For our weekly cleaning service prices check our home page. To get a price on anything else please call into the office at (951) 428-3075 to get a free quote.

How long should my pool filter run in a day?

It depends on many factors (size of pool, equipment, weather, etc) what the ideal amount of time to run your pool filter for in a day is. But you can put the minimum run-time for 2-4 hours in a day for it remove as much dirt and debris as possible.

How often does my pool filter need cleaning?

This is dependent on several factors, for instance, the size of the pool itself, or the size of the filter. The amount of damage that might have happened to the filter during the running time is also taken into consideration. Most dealers, however, recommend that the filter should be changed at least twice annually.

What is included in your Full-Service cleaning?

A full-service cleaning involves weekly cleaning of the pool. It involves cleaning the walls, vacuuming, cleaning the filter as needed and checking the water PH levels among other things.

Do you do pool repairs?

Yes we do pool repairs. In some cases, however, depending on the extent of repairs required, the we may outsource those services.

If I have a pool service, do I need to have a vacuum cleaner for my pool?

You do not need to have an automatic vacuum cleaner because the pool service will do the vacuuming for you. You can, however, have one in case the pool needs cleaning in between visits from the pool service personnel. You will, however, need to learn how to use it for effective cleaning of the pool.

How can I tell my pool is leaking?

You can determine whether the pool is leaking by performing a simple test using a bucket of water. First you fill the pool to a normal level. You then place a bucket on a step of the pool, and you fill it with water up to the same water level with the pool. You then shut off the pump and then mark the water level on the inner side of the bucket and the outer side of the bucket. You then let the bucket remain there for about 48 hours. If, at the end of it, the water level dropped more on the outer side of the bucket, there is most likely a leak. If it rains within the 48 hours, the test should be done again.

How do I know the size of filter needed for my pool?

There are various factors that are taken into consideration when determining the size of a filter. There are also a few calculations that are done before one gets the right filter for their pool. In this case, it is best to leave it to the experts to get you the appropriate filter.