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Pool Service Experts Temecula – For Efficient Pool Services

Yellow pool float, pool ring in cool blue refreshing blue pool, room for your text

Yellow pool float, pool ring in cool blue refreshing blue pool, room for your text

When it comes to keeping your pool functioning at its best this summer, Pool Service Experts Temecula is the real deal. We offer high-quality, efficient, cost-effective and reliable services at competitive pricing to ensure your pool is well maintained for everyday use. We specialize in both residential, commercial and industrial pool construction, renovation, repair and maintenance services. Our unyielding commitment to customers and exceptional customer service makes us the most trusted swimming pool company in Temecula.

Expertise and Competence
With a team of fully licensed and trained staff, our dedicated technicians can handle any job regardless of the scope or type. We pride in having the industry’s most trained staff to ensure every project is comvationrenppleted with high professionalism and attention to detail. Our pool technicians are trained to work with state of the art equipment while using top-quality materials for lasting pool solutions. When you select Pool Service Experts Temecula for your pool related needs, you will have the perfect peace of mind knowing that the job will be completed safely, on time and within budget. (Not to forget to your expectation).

Comprehensive pool services
We offer a full range of commercial and residential pool services. These include:

Cleaning and Sanitation
We are dedicated to keeping your pool looking crisp and clear all year round. We will keep your pool safe, sanitary and algae free with our thorough cleaning services that remove surface debris and algae while maintaining the pool’s finish. The pool’s skimmer and pump baskets will be cleaned of all debris, and the filters will be back washed to ensure full performance.

Equipment Inspection
We will inspect your pool equipment to ensure it’s fully functional so that you can enjoy a pleasurable swimming experience. We provide pool and spa equipment repairs of all makes and models. Your pool equipment repair should only be handled by experts who know exactly what they are doing as improper handling may cost you more in the end. Let us work on all your pool heater, pool cleaner and pool filter equipment inspection and repair.

Water Quality Testing
Maintaining a proper water balance is a crucial exercise that should be performed regularly to keep your pool from long term problems that can cost you thousands of bucks in repair. Our professional pool technicians will test your pool water, add the necessary chemicals needed to maintain the right water balance and keep the pool water at proper levels. We will conduct comprehensive water tests that include total hardness, chlorine, PH, alkalinity, salinity and other tests that could affect the quality of your pool. Let us worry about the chemistry and maintenance of your pool system.

Leak Detection and Repair
If you suspect leakage in your pool, you may want to consider a leak detection and repair service and address the problem early enough. With the use of our specialized equipment, we will detect the pool leaks and perform the repairs in an efficient manner to return your pool to optimal working conditions. Call us for this and all your swimming pool structural repairs.

Connect With Us
Save your time and money with our prompt and friendly pool service. At Pool Service Experts Temecula, competence is at its best. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a professional pool service and repair.

Pool Party Ideas For Father’s Day

If you have a pool, the early summer weather is perfect to use it for a party and what better reason than to show Dad you care this Father’s Day.

With the help of the most qualified Temecula pool service, you can have your pool party-ready and prepared for a celebration of fatherhood. Here are some ideas to help you get started on the perfect Father’s Day pool party:

Poolparty2Setting the Scene

The first thing you’ll need is a theme for your Father’s Day aquatic soirée to be a success. Depending on the expected attendees, you could go with a more adult theme, or make the party a family friendly occasion. While you could go with a simple pool or summer theme, here are some suggestions to mix it up a bit:

  • Luau: Serve Hawaiian inspired cocktails and throw some light up palm trees around the poolside
  • Patriotic: Deck your backyard in American flags, and light off some festive fireworks for a pre-July 4th Father’s Day fiesta.
  • Beach: Place sandboxes around the yard, and serve food and drinks that remind part guests of a beach vacation.

Prepping the Food

The food served at your Father’s Day pool bash can follow the theme, or if Dad has some favorites, maybe make bite-sized versions for the whole party to enjoy. Here are some other ideas, perfect for the official start of summer:

  • Fruit and vegetables: healthy and perfect for the season!
  • Chips, pretzels and dip: great, communal foods that will encourage your guests to mingle at the poolside.

The great part about planning a party is that you can go in any direction you wish with food, decór and all of the other details. Make the party personalized to the fathers in your life, or just a way to celebrate their love and labor!

Pool Prep Tips

Whether you go simple with your Father’s Day party’s theme or all out, the first step is to have a clean, safe pool for all of your guests. With the help of a Temecula pool cleaning service like Pool Service Experts Temecula, you can have your pool in excellent condition and ready for a party.

Here are some pool cleaning tips to get you started:

ph tester kitCheck Your Water Level and pH

If this is your first pool action of the year, you’ll want to make sure the water level is right, and whether the pH level is in a safe range.

Verify the Pump and Filter Operation

A pool without a functioning pump or filter is not safe for use by your family or your party guests. Get this issue straightened out beforehand.

Inventory Pool Cleaning Products and Supplies

You don’t want to start the season without a properly stocked supply of pool equipment and cleaning products.

This is all a lot to remember in preparation for a Father’s Day pool party; make your life easier by leaving all responsibility for your pool to a Temecula pool cleaning service. A company like Pool Service Experts Temecula can keep your pool in safe, ready-to-use condition so that you can focus on planning Dad’s pool party!