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Yellow pool float, pool ring in cool blue refreshing blue pool, room for your text

Yellow pool float, pool ring in cool blue refreshing blue pool, room for your text

When it comes to keeping your pool functioning at its best this summer, Pool Service Experts Temecula is the real deal. We offer high-quality, efficient, cost-effective and reliable services at competitive pricing to ensure your pool is well maintained for everyday use. We specialize in both residential, commercial and industrial pool construction, renovation, repair and maintenance services. Our unyielding commitment to customers and exceptional customer service makes us the most trusted swimming pool company in Temecula.

Expertise and Competence
With a team of fully licensed and trained staff, our dedicated technicians can handle any job regardless of the scope or type. We pride in having the industry’s most trained staff to ensure every project is comvationrenppleted with high professionalism and attention to detail. Our pool technicians are trained to work with state of the art equipment while using top-quality materials for lasting pool solutions. When you select Pool Service Experts Temecula for your pool related needs, you will have the perfect peace of mind knowing that the job will be completed safely, on time and within budget. (Not to forget to your expectation).

Comprehensive pool services
We offer a full range of commercial and residential pool services. These include:

Cleaning and Sanitation
We are dedicated to keeping your pool looking crisp and clear all year round. We will keep your pool safe, sanitary and algae free with our thorough cleaning services that remove surface debris and algae while maintaining the pool’s finish. The pool’s skimmer and pump baskets will be cleaned of all debris, and the filters will be back washed to ensure full performance.

Equipment Inspection
We will inspect your pool equipment to ensure it’s fully functional so that you can enjoy a pleasurable swimming experience. We provide pool and spa equipment repairs of all makes and models. Your pool equipment repair should only be handled by experts who know exactly what they are doing as improper handling may cost you more in the end. Let us work on all your pool heater, pool cleaner and pool filter equipment inspection and repair.

Water Quality Testing
Maintaining a proper water balance is a crucial exercise that should be performed regularly to keep your pool from long term problems that can cost you thousands of bucks in repair. Our professional pool technicians will test your pool water, add the necessary chemicals needed to maintain the right water balance and keep the pool water at proper levels. We will conduct comprehensive water tests that include total hardness, chlorine, PH, alkalinity, salinity and other tests that could affect the quality of your pool. Let us worry about the chemistry and maintenance of your pool system.

Leak Detection and Repair
If you suspect leakage in your pool, you may want to consider a leak detection and repair service and address the problem early enough. With the use of our specialized equipment, we will detect the pool leaks and perform the repairs in an efficient manner to return your pool to optimal working conditions. Call us for this and all your swimming pool structural repairs.

Connect With Us
Save your time and money with our prompt and friendly pool service. At Pool Service Experts Temecula, competence is at its best. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a professional pool service and repair.

5 Ways Hiring An Expert Can Benefit Your Pool Experience

At Pool Service Experts Temecula, we’ve seen the results of trying to care for a pool yourself. Sure, it’s possible, but in many cases it becomes too costly and time-consuming for our clients to handle on an extended basis, so they come to us, the Temecula pool cleaning service experts.

We understand that sometimes you’re too busy to properly maintain a pool, and even then, you’re not an expert on all the precise conditions your pool needs to be under to thrive. That’s okay, you don’t have to be. Here are 5 ways Pool Service Experts Temecula can let you enjoy your pool without the headache of maintaining it.

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Top-Notch Maintenance and Upkeep

Proper and regular maintenance and upkeep is necessary for making sure you get the most out of your pool. Poor maintenance can put undue stress on your pool’s pump mechanisms, and cracks in the pool can cause you to waste water at an alarming rate.

Hiring a Temecula pool service ensures that you never have to worry about these issues costing you extra money ever again. An expert pool cleaner can keep your pump in working condition and notice cracks and leaks before they become a major problem, saving you time and money along the way.

Equipment Necessary For Any Job

As anyone who has tried to care for their own pool has likely find out, sometimes you just don’t have the equipment for a job. You’re in luck; the experts in pool service Temecula do, and we’re happy to help save you time, money and energy.

Pool Service Experts Temecula has all the equipment and the expertise necessary to find solutions for your pool area, from the smallest complication to larger problems that if approached the wrong way could cost hundred more than you initially thought. Take the guesswork out of caring for your pool and let a licensed Temecula pool cleaning service take the work off your hands and allow you to relax.

Expert Sanitation

There are hidden costs associated with trying out new pool sanitation products, and if you experiment with substandard solutions, health risks present as well. When you hire a Temecula pool service, you’re guaranteed a team with the experience necessary to have an arsenal of top-notch sanitation products that they trust to work every time.

When it comes to keeping your pool clean and your family safe, why would you trust anyone but the experts in pool sanitation?

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Inspections and Advice

One of the top services that a pool cleaning expert can offer is advice. Having access to an authority on issues specific to your pool is incredibly value when you suspect that there is a problem or you simply need a regular inspection.

Personal Service From a Company That Cares

At Pool Cleaning Service Experts Temecula, we understand the value of a clean, well-maintained pool that our clients can enjoy. We’re a family-owned business and we know that every moment spent working on your pool is a moment you won’t be able to spend enjoying it with family and friends.

Instead of wasting time, money and energy trying to maintain your pool yourself, allow a Temecula pool cleaning service to relieve your stress and maximize your leisure.

Top 3 reasons to hire a pool cleaning service

Man who works for a Temecula pool cleaning service brushing a pool

Pools serve the convenience of having a luxury relaxation spot and a platform for engaging in a mind settling hobby. However, the perks can only be enjoyed when you have a clean pool to look forward to which is why pool cleaning is fundamental. As much as some individuals may desire to do it on their own, professional and effective cleaning can only be captured with a Temecula pool cleaning service. The benefits of having a pool cleaning service handle the process are significant and effectively contribute towards the quality and durability of your pool.

Benefits to hiring a pool cleaning service

  • Inspection and maintenance

With a Temecula pool service company, you get to have your pool maintained by trained professionals who have years of experience in handling the cleaning procedures. In addition, a pool cleaning service will also be coupled with an inspection procedure which is important in checking for leaks and broken tiles. You can also get an effective assessment of the pump and filter to ascertain whether they are in the preferred working condition.

  • Sanitation

The ultimate benefit of having pool service Temecula is that you get to have the sanitation of your pool handled by seasoned experts. Sanitation is important especially with common pools in hotels and resorts. With the certified professionals handling the cleaning and sanitation process, you can rest assured that your pool will be checked for bacteria on its walls and floor while a thorough cleansing adopted to eliminate any grime that may have developed over time. Even with home pools, the cleaning process ensures that the removal or debris is handled professionally to ensure usability of the pool. In ensuring sanitation of the pool is top class, the chemical balance of the pool is measured and adjusted accordingly to limit the growth and spread of bacteria. A pool cleaning service also guarantees that the pH is balanced to give you ultimate pleasures when enjoying the water.

  • Saves time and energy

The typical tools for a Temecula pool cleaning service employee to bring to a jobCleaning your own pool takes time and a lot of energy since you do not have the required expertise and the technologically advanced equipment to handle the process seamlessly. A Temecula pool cleaning service will ensure the task is handled professionally and with the required attention to detail. Correct cleaning using the appropriate chemicals and equipment can only be captured when experts are called upon. Instead of spending all your energy and lengthy periods of time trying to clean your pool only to end up disappointed due to missing a spot or failing to get rid of grime, take up the service of a pool cleaning company and be guaranteed of a desirable end result.

Tracing pool service Temecula also guarantees that you get to save money that you would have otherwise used in trial products and cleaning procedures that will not have delivered desired results. With the approved cleaning procedures and constant updating of the technological approach to cleansing that a pool cleaning service offers, you get to save money by paying for a guaranteed result oriented service. With a Temecula pool service, you not only stand to gain a clean pool but also have the professionals check out every aspect of your pool and provide a detailed recommendation as to the safety, usability and operational efficiency the pool will sustain over time.